040: Week 10 Preview

Jacob Gallipeau previews each of Week 10’s matchups and discusses questions like: Have the Buccaneers given up? Do the Saints have TWO top 10 running backs? Are the Packers a lost cause? Also, he talks about joining FF Dynasty 260, a sports website with lots of articles and weekly ranks. To read his first article on the site, check out: http://ffdynasty260.com/chiefs-mid-season-report/ and stay tuned for talk about his weekly rankings!

039: Week 9 Recap

Today, Jacob recaps each of Week 9’s matchups. Who played well, who didn’t, and what can we expect going forward? Some of the things discussed: Atlanta Falcons woes, the Eagles offensive dominance, Jets backfield committee, Houston’s offensive struggles, Alvin Kamara’s big day, Adrian Peterson’s 37 carries, Green Bay’s struggles on both offense and defense, and more!